A few types of fireworks

Do you love fireworks? Are fireworks your favourite part of a bonfire night or even New Year? Have you ever had your own fireworks display? There are many and endless types of fireworks.


Just type in fireworks for events Singapore on the Internet and you will find many stores that will accommodate your requirement and needs. You might not realise but some fireworks have names such as Japanese Kamuru, peony and Roman Candle.

  • Smoke bombs and firecrackers – Firecrackers and smoke bombs make a lot of banging noises and also smoke. Some people find it very irritating.
  • Sparklers – These beauties shower a stream of sparkles on a stick. There are many places that have banned these but these are beautiful.
  • Fountains – A shower of sparks is what you get when you light up a fountain. You will not hear a bang or a whistle but instead you will hear whooshing. These usually last for a few minutes or so but do not stay at the back of the crowd cause if so you will miss the show.
  • Catherine Wheel – Catherine wheels got itself name from a woman names St Catherine. She was killed on a spinning wheel as a martyr. The story behind the name Catherine wheel is usually not discussed. You will hear some crackling and whistling while it spins.
  • Roman Candles – These fireworks are usually will with balls in a cardboard tube. The balls will short out when it is lit and you will see beautiful colours along with a few different noises, crackles and hums.
  • Rockets – If you ever visit a special effects gear outlet, you will find that there are fireworks. These are very common for events and can fly up to the sky up to 60 metres given the type. They will explode with a loud bang and then shoot some spars.
  • PeonyThese fireworks will launch off like a rocket and then will blast into a ball of stars that are falling. They usually come in different colours, which make the firework show quite attractive when a few of these are lit together.
  • Chrysanthemum – This is another variation of peony fireworks but has more sparks and is a bit more louder as well.
  • Crosette – These are pretty much like chrysanthemum but there are more squeals and whizzes as well when lit.

  • Spider fireworks – These look like spiders exploding which looks like the legs are bursting out from its body. There are pops and scream noises and it typically finishes within seconds.
  • Horsetail shells – These are sparkles that fall like a waterfall with stars. You will hear some crackles.
  • Japanese Kamuru – This is one of the best fireworks ever made. There’s a bang and a glitz similar to the chrysanthemum and then there is a continuous amount of sparkles falling towards the floor as the dramatic finale. The Kamuru name originates after a Japanese hairstyle.


There are plenty of fireworks. But remember that you need to be safe when handling these and ensure that children are not around when it is lit.



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