Achieving the perfect brow: The struggle is real

How I would love to walk out the door in the morning without having to put my ‘’face’’ on.

While there is no hard and fast rule that says I need to look like I am straight out of cosmopolitan, I do want to cover up the fact that my eyebrows are sparse and looks like a train wreck so my insecurity compels me to fill them up and then that leads to a little mascara and then a little blush. On most days I easily spend more than 10 precious minutes to fix myself up that I later regret as my stomach rumbles for least some freshly brewed coffee in the morning.

While I have heard many good things aboutKorean eyebrow embroidery Singapore I have not gathered up the nerve to actually pick up the phone to ask them for further details apart from what they offer in their websites. It is partly because going through the procedure requires me to lie still for a considerable amount of time and the other because I am kind of nervous around needles. But my friends who have had the procedure done tells me it is pain free and that I should least give it a try.

Three are many horror stories that come along as and when a new makeup trend such as brow embroidery is introduced and as a frequent makeup user the root cause I observe is that for whatever reason, the customer has created a second tier market for a slashed price that now exists alongside the practices of certified and qualified makeup professionals.

In a nutshell, embroidery is an attempt to further extenuate the brow line following the natural arch, this is what a seasoned makeup artist will advise and if anybody advices any different, that is the cue for you to realise that they do not have your best interest in their heart. So it is your responsibility to protect yourself from the practises that only is minting money from its customers with no regard to adhering to the health and safety standards that are concerned. In anything we inflict on our body and by the many things we expose our family to, therefore it is important to not be concerned only about squeezing in same into the family budget. It is important for us to keep in mind that and mishap or malpractice might result in long term consequences that do not have a happy ending.


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