Factors to Consider When Buying Baby Clothes

As parents-to-be of a newborn, especially it is your first baby; your heart will probably melt at the site of cute baby clothes at stores. It is very easy to buy them unnecessarily and stack them up, only to realize you won’t even use them ever! You need to avoid buying uncomfortable and stylish clothes but rather focus on some of these factors below.

  1. Skip the designer clothes

Designers know that cute little outfits are your weak-spot and will not let you walk away from a store without buying one. However, you need to be a smart shopper. Your baby will be sleeping about three quarter of the day and will never be around people who could witness all these cute clothes you’ve bought. The maximum you can do is dress him up and post pictures on Instagram but with all that sleep deprivation and exhaustion, you won’t even remember where you left your phone at. So cut the designer clothes for now, you can buy them later when you child has grown a bit and can be taken to social events. Also don’t forget that these clothes are expensive so it will be like throwing money out the window if your baby will never wear them.

  1. Wait till after the baby shower

You will get heaps of baby clothes as gifts for your baby shower so hold off the shopping till after. This way, you won’t be buying too much clothes, that you baby probably won’t even wear. Most babies once used to a few set of clothes will get irritated when new stuff are tried on them, hence do not buy too many clothes, especially if you have received enough from the baby shower. If you really can’t resist shopping, simply look at baby clothes online and try to satisfy yourself. You can start doing your research on quality of certain brands. See the range of suppliers here on the Kiddipedia directory to see where the clothes come from, if they are of good quality, read reviews by other customers and ensure you give your child the best.

  1. Consider comfort

Comfort does not come with price. The most expensive designer clothes could be uncomfortable and non-breathable. Go for linens and cottons that are soft and come in packs for quite low prices. Your baby wouldn’t care if he’s dressed in a 50 dollar designer onesie or 2 dollar baby t-shirt. Sometimes hand-me-downs would be softer than new clothes so don’t be upset that the baby is dressed in old clothes. Comfortable babies are happier and sleep better.



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