Factors to consider when hiring a relationship counsellor

If you were surfing the internet or any social medical platform, you would come across hundreds of posts per day that talk about what’s right and what’s wrong in a relationship and what can be mended and what cannot be. If you ever absorbed these things into your life, soon or later, you’re going to face such a dilemma on being unable to make decisions alone.

Because in the end of the day, it is you who is in the relationship and you get to choose what’s right or wrong, period. If you’re reading this, it is highly likely for you to be dealing with serious relationships problems and that’s okay! Because right now, you’re seeking solutions and for that, your best shot is a professional counselor. How are you going to find a better one?

Here are 4 factors to consider when you’re to hire services of a counselor!

  • Marital status

For starters, you should start everything by considering your marital status – not your professional’s. Because in the field of counselling, the whole relationship perspective has been divided into too many sub categories. Unless they have experience in both the sectors, marriage counselling is different from pre marriage counselling singapore. Hence, remember to choose the right type of the professional depending on your marital status; married, or before marriage or when you’re in a serious relationship.

  • The nature of the problem

Before you’re reaching out to whatever the type of counsellor that is suitable for the job, you should take a moment to evaluate the nature of the issue that you’re having. Because in the scope of the services provided by a counselor, there can be many that even you won’t be aware of. For an instance, if it has a direct connection with the poor sex life of yours, hiring a counselor who has the skills of a sex therapist would resolve the issue. Similarly, you have to identify the issue when you’re seeking professional help at all times.

  • Mutual compatibly

You simply can’t work with someone who would not have the humanity to understand what you’re going through. No matter what the image you have of a kind counsellor, there always will be deviations from the usual perception. In addition, professionals who are engaged actively in this line of work can be pretty busy as well. If you had to alter your schedules overly to get a comfort, you should remember that you’re creating new problems in the process. Hence, be sure to give priority to the compatibility at all times.



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