How to Impress Your Guests in 7 Simple Steps?

Any homeowner knows what it’s like to want to blow the socks off their guests. You want to have your life in check like Susan down the street with her impeccable yard and even more impeccable house. What people need to remember is that it comes down to the tiny details. It’s not just about de-cluttering and soullessly vacuuming your house but focusing on those tiny touches. Here’s how you can impress your guests in a few simple steps.


Nothing screams having your life together and owning your stuff like having jars filled with grains and seeds lying about on your counter. You may be tricking our guests into thinking you live a healthy lifestyle when all you do is eat pizza and drink wine on the couch, but they don’t really need to know that do they? This is a simple high-end touch that is bound to impress because it creates an aesthetic so takes those products out of their perfectly fine packaging and jar it!


Show off your green thumb by shoving a few herb plants into a potted plant and keep it by the window sill. They won’t know how often you forget to water your plants or how many horrible wilted deaths have suffered on that windowsill. All that matters is that you get some healthy green into your home. Seriously though, set some reminders to make sure you water your plants or you’re going to run out of things to put up at some point.

Fruit Bowls

Now what is more artsy than a bowl of fruits in the middle of your counter? You’ll have found plenty of movies pulling off this trick, you might’ve seen it in the magazines or perhaps online and believe us when we tell you it definitely works.


You know the best way to have your guests not notice the dust? Invite them over at night for a dinner party. Dim the lights and pull out some scented candles you’ve been saving for the occasion. You’re creating a romantic ambiance and having your guests oblivious to your lazy cleaning routines in one go as two birds, one stone.

The Bathroom

Now this is the place where you have to put in the most effort. Guests often have a beady eye for grime and other disgusting substances when it comes to bathrooms and we can’t blame them. Clean every nook and cranny till it’s spotless, wipe down your mirror and make sure to bleach the toilet properly. Also, remember to hide your dirty toothbrushes. It’s the simplest of details!


You need to also look for how you can improve your house best. If you haven’t taken the time to update your house in years, now’s the time to treat yourself. For example, you can change up your light fixtures or maybe even add a beautiful pool by calling up a pool builder in Perth. Nothing impresses more than having a small pool for guests to take a lazy dip in while gazing up at the stars.

Mineral Water

It doesn’t matter if you drink your water straight out of the tap, having some mineral water bottles handy will have your guests thinking you live the fancy life. This definitely carries some wow factor.

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