How to Keep Your Valuables At Home Secure?

Have a stack of cash, jewellery, or documents you can’t put in a bank vault? Here are several useful tips for protecting your valuables at home from thieves and other hazards:

Buy a High-Quality Safe

The best way to protect just about any type of valuables is a safe. You can keep cash, documents, jewellery, bullion coins, and even guns securely in one of these things. Safety boxes are secured with a code, either a typed in code or a biometric one. So you don’t have to worry about losing the keys to a cash box.

For optimal security, purchase fire proof safes Brisbane. Your valuables will be protected from not only theft, but from common house accidents or hazards as well. If you have valuable documents that needs safekeeping, then a safety box is the best way to go.

There are plenty of secure lockable boxes you can purchase for homes available only. Be careful when purchasing a cheap box off a third-party seller. Most cheap safe boxes have locking mechanisms that can be opened by a skilled burglar. Therefore, purchase a high-quality, Australian product made by a local manufacturer that gives a safety guarantee.

Don’t Hide Valuables All Over in the House

Your grandma may have hidden her cash at all sorts of unusual places in the home. Hidden in a mason jar in the kitchen, buried in the backyard, or kept out of sight behind a portrait? These places are indeed unusual for keeping valuables. But don’t assume that a burglar isn’t familiar with these tactics.

Hiding your valuables in plain sight might sound fine in theory. But a thief could get in and search all the unusual places to hide things in the home. Besides, if there’s a house fire, you may lose everything. Therefore, heed the advice given above and use a fireproof safety box.

Install an Alarm System

Install an alarm where you keep your valuables. You can rig it in a way so that if there’s an attempted theft, the alarm would go off. A loud alarm is a great theft deterrent. It can alert your neighbours in case your home is broken into.

Modern alarms come with features to notify you in case of a break in. it’s possible to program the alarm to notify the police or a security company when it goes off. Someone might break in, but they will not get far when you have an alarm installed.

Install CCTV Cameras

Though not necessary, installing cameras where the valuables are is a great way to identify culprits in case there’s a break in. The presence of cameras also act as a deterrent. It indicates that the home has a safety system, so the burglars who don’t want an unnecessary risk would stay away.

Keep Valuables Away from Kids and Pets

You must keep all valuables away from places where kids or pets can reach. Thieves are not the only risk to your stash of cash or weapon. A curious kid or a pet could get access to your valuable if they are hidden around the house. Therefore, as mentioned earlier, keep them in a safe box for the best security.

While there’s no 100 percent thief-proof systems, you can use the above advice to keep your precious items safe at home. Employ several safety methods to minimize the risk as much as possible.

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