Lazy people’s hack to time management

The current generation’s slogan to life is to work smarter and not harder. It is appropriate considering the technological developments and innovations. Before the birth and development of internet and smart phones, you needed to do hard work to get forward in life. However, in the current era, we just need to work smart because all the information that takes several research hours is in the tip of our fingers, thanks to internet. Internet is one the most important elements that will help in time management. Here are few tips to make sure you attain your goals and manage time easily.

Maximize the use of internet

The online world has almost everything you need. You can make use of the online markets to reduce the time spent on doing these jobs manually. For example, you can just buy online grocery Singapore instead of going to stores or markets. You can also make use of online shopping for things like buying dresses and / or things.

Prioritize and set goals

You also need to start to prioritizing tasks. When you have a large goal, it is important to cut them into smaller and attainable goals. It is important to prioritize because you may be flooded with different tasks and you need to learn to differentiate which needs your immediate attention.

Delegate tasks to other people

It is important to make sure that you learn to delegate tasks. When you are overwhelmed with anything, you can always delegate or ask for help. You can also hire maids or assistants, if you need help with domestic or office chores.

Have a timetable and a routine

You need to make sure you have a time table. It is integral to maintain a routine in your day to day life. There should a specific time for going to bed and waking up and exercising. When you have a routine, there is less chances of procrastination and you will be make it a point to be productive.

Unplug from technology

Technology as useful as it is, it is also the most widely stated tool aiding procrastination. It is vital to unplug from technology when you are trying to get a work done, or try to get some personal time or spent some time with your family. Sometimes, technology has bad effects and one of them is it removes the communication between people and makes everything meaningless with posts and status.

There are several research papers available online on time management discussing different theories and techniques apart from the above mentioned factors and techniques. There are other things like web surfing, texting strangers on social platforms and several other things which might be hinging your time management skills. It might help to start writing a journal to look into your negative habits.



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