Methods On HowTo Protect The Teeth As An Athlete

Athletes focus on the maintenance of their body. But have you ever considered taking care of your teeth? Oral health is crucial may it be at sports or any other field. There are special considerations on how athletes look after their teeth. Here are some of the tips that you can try whenever you are on or off at the field:

Play Safe

When the ball lands to your face, you can possibly face surprising dental bills thereafter.

This is true according to the orthopaedic specialist Singapore. As such, an athletic mouthguard can help spread the impact of the blow. According to studies, the mouthguards can lower the risk of damaged teeth.

Wearing any mouthguard is better than none at all. To win a game and play safe, always wear a mouthguard now.


Put the Teeth Back after the Knockout

It is possible that you lose your tooth while playing your game. But you don’t have to worry because you can have your tooth replanted successfully. To do this, put the tooth back at your mouth. If it won’t stick, put the tooth in the milk or in a mild saltwater solution. Then, head on the nearest dentist or the emergency room.


Step up Dental Checkup

Some swimmers spend more than six hours in a pool with chemicals. With their long stay, they notice that their teeth begin to have brown stains. This is because the pool chemicals react with the protein in the saliva, making the teeth brown. If your sportsis swimming but you don’t wish to have stained teeth, it is best to see the dental clinics regularly.


Drink More Water

How do you hydrate your body as you play? There are athletes who sip energy drinks while practicing.

However, high-energy drinks and sports drinks can cause tooth erosion. You can experience an acid attack every time you put sugar in your mouth. To reduce this phenomenon, try rinsing your mouth with water. Opt for water to rehydrate your body. If you active non-stop for more than an hour, you can drink sports drinks to replenish the electrolytes in your body.

In a nutshell, there are various ways to do to protect your dental health as an athlete. For one, you can have a well-balanced diet to nourish your body. Brush regularly and see the dentist regularly. It makes the gums and teeth healthy. You will not enjoy your sports if your teeth are throbbing. A dental health problem can leave you sidelined. As such, it is best to give your mouth some care that it needs.

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