Steps to Improve Your Wardrobe

A complete wardrobe makeover and a style upgrade can boost your confidence immensely, giving you a new personality and outlook on life. When you know you are dressed and groomed well, you will not be afraid to present yourself before people, mingle with them and have a good time. People’s acceptance and admiration will truly make you feel good about yourself and help you feel a sense of self-value. It is every young girl’s dream to look cool, pretty and confident so here are some ways to upgrade your wardrobe for a new you.

  1. Clear out your old stuff

Your closet might be filled with old stuff that you have forgotten even exist. Now is a good time to pull them all out and let go of what you don’t need. If you’ve been keeping your favourite sweater even though you’ve outgrown it or holding onto those reindeer print socks that are ripped and have holes in them; you need to dispose of them. Pick out whatever you cannot wear and send them out to charity or have a yard sale. The extra cash will help you in buying the new stuff you need. Look into your makeup kits too; throw away messy kits and products that don’t match your skin tone.

  1. Buy essentials that you can mix and match

First, look at what you already own. If you have a few t-shirts of different colours, try buying a pair of black or blue jeans that would go well them. Go for neutral shoes so that you can wear them with anything. Try to mix and match your items. For example, wear a skirt for change, rather than jeans all the time. Have at least 2 party kits in mind; 2 stylish dresses with heels and accessories to match. Make use of what you have to come up with new accessories. If you have a broken earring, you can use it as a pendant, an old shawl can become a headband, and an old sweater can become a cardigan. Try to add one statement piece per outfit. You can easily buy a preowned Chanel bag Singapore that would add glamour to your entire outfit. A big necklace can add colour to a plain outfit.

  1. Buy your makeup

Wardrobe upgrades aren’t just about clothes but also about your total look. Look at the makeup items you have and make a checklist before you go shopping. A foundation that matches your skin tone very well is essential. Concealer, blusher, lipstick, eyeliner and shadow are some of the most common makeup items you will need. Watch a few makeup tutorials and learn subtle day looks and fiery night looks.

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