Steps to Plan a Party

Be it a birthday, anniversary, graduation or House warming, throwing a great party and being a wonderful host will bring together all your family and friends. A party has many little aspects that need to be taken care of so that everything runs smoothly and all guests have a fun and memorable time. You might feel under pressure if you don’t plan and execute it in an orderly manner so here are some steps you can follow to ensure every aspect is covered.

  1. Make your guest list and book the venue

Many other items such as the size of venue, food and beverage, type of entertainment and budget will be decided once you’ve had a rough count on how many people you’ll be inviting. Make sure you think it through if you will ask your guests to bring friends along. Once you’ve prepared the guest list, go venue-hunting. If you have a big backyard or space at home that can accommodate all, go for it. it will save you a lot of money since usually the venue costs the most. If not, go for a restaurant or hall. An outside place though costs more will be easier since the staff will take care of everything and you simply have to entertain the guests.

  1. Decide on a date, time and theme

Pick a date and time that everyone will be free. Pay attention to holidays and any other events happening in town for that weekend. The last thing you need is for your guests to fly out for the holidays and go to a Coldplay concert without attending your party. Set a theme that everyone can enjoy. A masquerade ball, 70’s Hollywood, Rock n Roll, Hawaii etc. are some very interesting themes. Set up your décor, food, music and entertainment to match the theme. You can give them a door gift to take home so that they remember all the fun memories of the party.

  1. Decide on a budget

It’s one thing to throw a great party but only as per you can afford. Come up with fun ideas that you can get done with not much cost. Some simple party games will do the trick and keep the people entertained. Many people come for drinks and music so keep them prepared and get a good DJ. Do not spend a lot on heavy food since people will enjoy finger foods that they can munch on while having a good conversation. A few balloons and ribbons and lots of fairy lights will be adequate on décor.




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