The best diet for a healthy gut

Your diet is one hundred percent the way to a healthy gut, what you put in your body determines your health inside out. There has always been much controversy about which diets are best for your gut and with research rapidly increasing on the microbiota and gut health, it can be concluded that Italian diets are the best. When people hear of Italian cuisine (Italian food Singapore), they immediately picture high carb diets but in fact it is quite the opposite of that. Italians have a highly diverse diet filled with ample fruits and vegetables. It can even be said that their diets are one of which contains all the food groups in amounts needed by the body.

Italians enjoy their diet rich in fruits, vegetables, poultry, beans, tomatoes, whole grains, wine, greens etc. and they eat very little red meat as opposed to the American diet. So, it’s not all about the pasta! They do enjoy their pasta; they have small portions and is usually accompanied by a rich salad and other vegetables.

Diversity is the key. Scientifically speaking, the more diverse our diets, the more we are exposed to different kinds of ‘good’ bacteria. When we take in a variety of these god bacteria, they occupy the space in the gut and prevent harmful pathogenic bacteria from colonising.

Eating too much of the same food limits our exposure to the different types of good bacteria leaving space for the harmful bacteria to colonise. Too much of red meat is not ideal for the body, it is linked to many diseases including increased blood pressure, cholesterol, heart diseases and even weight gain. It is also not the healthiest food for the gut. Don’t get me wrong, red meat in the right quantity along with other foods is very good but red meat alone does more harm than good; everything in moderation.

Although food plays the major role in gut health, other factors also have an influence. For example: the lifestyle we lead, amount of exercise, stress levels all influence gut health. Ideally, having a diverse diet with plenty of fluids and ample exercise would be considered best for your gut.

Age also determines the health of our gut. At very young ages and very old ages our guy is quite unstable. At a very young age, the gut is being exposed to new bacteria and it is constantly changing to find stability. At old ages, the bacteria that had already been present for many years behind to become weak and start being replaced by new bacteria, thereby causing instability. Young children and older people are ore susceptible to diseases because of this.

Overall, to stay healthy and have a healthy gut, eating from a diverse range of food will be the best.

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