The great contribution of the Lady Dawood for Pakistan

If you look at how a country grew, there are always generouspeople behind it who genuinely work for the growth of their motherland and the better life of their people. If you look into the people behind the contributions that has been made to the country and the people, the Dawood’s should be given all the credit that they deserve. If not, the good is being ignored.

When it comes to the Dawood family, the contributions that have been made goes on and on. What this article focuses on the work that is done by the great lady Dawood, Mariyam Dawood. Her work and her vision has brought light to thousands of people who once thought that they were lost. Here is the some of the great work that is done by the great lady Dawood:

A school for visual arts

There was once a time when students who wanted to get a knowledge and experience about arts had no opportunity to do so. Then, the lady Dawood took the most needed steps that created this opportunity for the students. She took the chance to give the best facilitiesAnda and chance for the students who want to learn and create a career out of arts to do so by opening the school of visual arts. In this school, all the great facilities are given to the students and it has certainly helped students from all over Pakistan reach out for their goal of learning art and also creating jobs out of it as well. This school has the state of the art facilities and also has the finest equipment as well. Moreover, the professionals who will be teaching are a highly qualified as well. The school of visual art by the Dawood’s has set the best standards in education for arts in Pakistan.

Her help to the students

The great lady didn’t stop at the point of creating the school of visual arts but she always looked out to lending a helping hand to the students who are in need. She is known for providing the greatest support in terms of counselling to the students that has made education much better off for the student as well. The contributions that she has made will resonate for thousands of years in the hearts of the students who reached success with her help and guidance.

The amazing contributions of lady Dawood and the Dawood family will be living forever in the hearts and minds of all Pakistani people.


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