Tips All Tights Wearers Must Know

Do you wear tights usually or do you feel like you might be confused as to how you can pair them up with your clothing items or even keep them in good condition? Well if you are a tight wearer there are some very important details that you need to know when it comes to buying, wearing and maintaining your tights. Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Colour Is Not Bad

Many people shy away from the idea of buying coloured tights. However according to the latest fashion trends any colour and size of tights including plus size hosiery for example, can really add a pop factor into any outfit if you know what colours will fit in well together. But there is one catch. If you are going to be wearing tights that are not black, you need to make sure that the rest of your clothing is neutral. For example you can wear green tights with a black dress. However you also have to keep in mind that when you wear colourful tights, all the attention will immediately be drawn to your legs.

When Should You Wear Opaque Tights

Basically the shorter the dress or the hemline of your outfit, the more opaque your tights should be. This is known as the denier number in the fashion industry. Essentially the higher the denier number, the more opaque the tights will be. Wearing thicker tights will actually elongate your gam regions and will prevent your underwear being seeing through the tights if the outfit has a short hemline. The usual denier number for opaque tights are at 40 or more and anything less than 30 will be considered sheer. If you are wearing high boots and just a little bit of leg can be seen, you are good to wear sheer tights as this creates for a high fashion ad sophisticated look.

Check Your Tights

Don’t step out of house without checking your tights. It only take a few minutes into use before a tiny run or a snag will turn into a shredded mess and that just looks really unsophisticated. Therefore you put them on check the tights carefully for any signs of damage no matter how small they are and just wear a fresh pair if you catch something.

How to Match Them?

Well you can actually bend the rules anyway that you want to but it would also be good if your outfit looks good at the end of the way. As a rule of thumb you can think about matching the tights to the predominant colour in the outfit that you are wearing or you can also match them with the colour of your shoes. For example, this would mean that you can wear all black including black tights to get a chic monochromatic look or you could wear a navy blue outfit with a dusky yellow pair of tights if you want to create a colour statement. Just make sure that the colours don’t actually clash but work well together.

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