Tips on organizing your little one’s special day


Everybody likes to feel special on their birthday, so if you plan on doing something for your littleone  on his/her birthday then here are few tips you need to follow:

Prep your child

This is important because you wouldn’t want your child to be cranky throughout the event. A common mistake many parents make is that they dress their child too fancy, the problem is that your child isn’t comfortable with the outfit which could be the reason behind all the crankiness. A good idea is to make them wear casual but comfortable clothes, and only during the cake cutting time where most of the photos will be taken you could pair him up with a stylish jacket. Also if your child doesn’t like to be around too many people then invite few people, because that will scare him which means he won’t be able to enjoy the event. If you want to have a photo-shoot of only him then this could be done after the party is over where he could do signature baby poses such as smashing the cake.

Have a theme

A children’s party is incomplete without a theme so make sure you pick the one your child likes the best. It could either be his favorite cartoon character or colour. If you want to get the decoration items or need some ideas then do checkout 1st birthday party Singapore. You should also call up a magician to keep the guests entertained. If you plan on having things like bouncers then do invite parents of little children to keep an eye on them. The food too should be in line with the theme because little children get attracted the colorful items so have bright colour cupcakes and different shapes savories.

Record each moment

Having your own version of tiny human is indeed a blessing. Children grow up too fast and one of the regrets most of the parents have is that they haven’t recorded their moment when they were little. So in order to ensure you don’t have regrets, make sure you record every moment of your little one. You won’t be able to do this by yourself as you will be busy hosting the party, so hire a photographer to do so. This can be a little expensive but you will cherish the moment all your life so make sure you don’t miss on this.

Lastly, a kid’s party is incomplete without a return gift, so make sure you have something for everyone. Also if you have organized any games then too have extra gifts for the winners.




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