Tips to look elegant with minimum effort

Elegance is misunderstood by some people, it is when you look appeasing to the eye without grasping attention any item of clothing or accessory.

– Colours are a key player. Solid colours and neutral colours highlight a person’s natural beauty without grabbing attention to what you are wearing. Extravagant stripes and dots for the top and bottom can be quite difficult to the eye. You can pair up such an item of clothing with a solid t-shirt or top and that would take away some of the busy-ness of the outfit.

– Accessorise but not too much. People tend to over-do it with accessories and take away that elegant look. Use a few accessories and keep it simple, For example, you can pair up a rich red necklace with a solid black dress or a bright green bag with a white dress. Make it stand out but don’t over crowd yourself with many bracelets, necklaces, rings and bags. Choose one piece of accessory to enhance your outfit and work it!

– Simple makeup is always best. Make up is always abused and used unnecessarily. We tend to forget the sole purpose of makeup, which is to enhance ones beauty and bring out the best features, instead we over use it and use it as a tool to transform ourselves into someone else. The minute you over do your makeup, you lose the elegant charm look. Keep it simple, use eyeliner and a light foundation, don’t cake up your face with too much products. Wear a lipstick that suits the occasion, if it’s a evening event wear that red lipstick and use nude lipsticks for day time affairs.

– Dress to the occasion. Maintaining decorum is very important in being an elegant individual. Realise the occasion and dress for it. If there is a dress code, stick to it. Keep it simple yet styling. Don’t wear what you would wear to a party to a meeting or vice versa, as this gives the impression that you aren’t capable of matching your outfits to the occasion.

-Maintain a simple wardrobe Singapore. Don’t over crowd your closet space with clothes you don’t wear or probably only wore once and will never be worn. Get rid of those to make room for the items of clothing that you do wear. Keep it simple so that you aren’t always too confused about what to wear. Choose clothing that match your personality.

Simplicity is very important is being elegant. The less you do the more you look elegant. Be true to who you are even when dressing up and match your personality.

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