Tips to Strengthen Family Bonds

Family ties are deteriorating day by day due to the busy lifestyles we maintain. We wake up in a hurry and storm off the front door, drop the kids off at school and return home in the evening with some take out, eat watching TV and go to bed, only to get up again the next morning to do the same routine. Do you see any family time in this routine? Not really. A strong family foundation needs to be laid by the parents so that everyone will come together and enjoy each other’s company even during the few minutes they can. So here are some important ground rules to set and follow.

  1. Schedule family time

It’s a pity that nowadays we need to separately allocate a time slot for family time. However, it is inevitably needed to make sure during such time, all family members are present. You can take a day per week to schedule some activity that the whole family can enjoy. As parents, you need to pay attention to every child’s needs, especially if they are teenagers. Teens can be very hard to handle so getting them to play scrabble every Friday night with you might not be the best idea. Rather, let them have their Fridays for their own plans and find something more interesting such as karaoke. Encourage everyone to not make plans so that all members can be present.


  1. Eat meals together

‘A family that eats together stays together.’ This saying needs no explanation. Sitting down for a meal will gather everyone and open doors to conversation. Choose a meal that is convenient for all; most likely dinner. You don’t have to do it every night, at least 3 nights a week would do. Don’t allow phones, tablets or any electronic device to the table. This will keep all present in the moment and let them engage in conversation to catch up on each other’s lives.

  1. Do chores together

Having a chart that involves all members in chores will truly help in keeping the household clean and in inculcating discipline in the kids. Make a list of chores that need to be done daily and assign each task to each member for each day of the week. That way, all chores will be done and it will be a collective effort. Give your kids a deadline by which they need to complete the tasks. You can hold a family meeting and announce who does what on when for the coming week.




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