Top Feng Shui Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Feng Shui is a lifestyle and an ancient art form that has been in the works for over 3000 years. By understanding this lifestyle, you understand your own place in the world that is alive and filled with Chi (energy). Peacefully harmonizing with energies in any open environment- be it your house or your office space- can bring you good fortune and shows that you are following the right principles. But there are mistakes you could be making right now, as a beginner that could be affecting the energy of your space.

Neglecting broken items

If it’s broken and it can’t be fixed then it simply has to go. Your inability to take responsibility for the issues in your household will mirror in the energies around you and can even reflect upon your own energy and health. You can even donate or sell it to someone who will repair, but such broken objects that affect your environment’s energy have no place in your home.


Your entire house must be de-cluttered before you take on a feng shui lifestyle. Cluttering is known to be a draining force of your chi, affecting your personal health and hence, leaves you unable to pursue your future goals.  Let’s put it this way- if you have no use of it, give it away and start your practices on a completely clean slate. Consider going for an online feng shui consultation singapore to get an expert opinion on how effectively your lifestyle is being implemented.

When beauty is placed above comfort

If you buy into objects that are more beautiful than they are practical, you may find that this affects the energy of your home. What makes this? Any discomfiting items (be it hard furniture, sharp ornaments etc.) may be aesthetically pleasing but on a subconscious level leads to negative energy as you feel threatened in some aspect, not being fully comfortable with your surroundings.

The presence of dead plants

This goes without saying. Nothing will drain your environment’s energy like dead beings. Care for your plants, make sure they thrive and they will add a positive, radiant energy to your living space.

There is too much focus on perfection

When you obsessively focus your thoughts into creating the perfect-looking interior, you forget the importance of living in it and concentrate more on making sure that nothing happens to your precious belongings. Let your energy flow, let the energies of your children and animals flow within the house without fear. This all adds to a positively influenced Feng shui lifestyle

The greatest part about this lifestyle is that you can always improve- no matter what you do wrong. So trace back your steps and right your wrongs to live your life in a tranquil way that fills you with good fortune.

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