Top Tips for Planning a Great Wedding Reception

While the spotlight inevitably falls on the wedding, the rehearsal is where everyone gets to let loose and have a bit of fun- provided you plan it right.  Nothing’s better than ending this special occasion with a reception filled with fun, love and laughter. Give your guests something to talk about long after the occasion is over by beginning with these tips when planning your party.

Solid Seating Arrangements

First things first- let’s talk about seating. You might mean well, but now is not the time to play matchmaker by pairing strangers together in the hopes that all your loved ones will become friends. No, you’ve got to plan your seating arrangement to give you tables that will make great conversation together. Great conversation will lead to a great dance party, which will undoubtedly lead to a great night. Your first tip will be to group people who are chums or/and people you have no doubt will get together. After this part of the planning is done, it’s a matter of getting your hands on some wedding supplies to make your venue look nice and pretty for your guests.

Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are a great way to let your guests know how much you love them and keep them satisfied. Give them treats to take home, which can include anything from sweets or small succulent plants to objects branded with your wedding date- really, the only limit is your imagination.

Short Toasts

You don’t want to bore your guests and have them fidgeting in their seats during the toast so make it short and sweet. Anyone would account for quality over quantity.

Kiddies Section

Arrange for a separated kiddies section where a hired babysitter will look after them and supply the room with movies, games or even a small dance floor. This will give their parents a much-needed break and allow them to possibly let loose on the dance floor themselves.

Invigorating First Dance

Spice things up with your first dance. Maybe start classical and suddenly switch to a funky pop piece. There’s nothing more of a crowd pleaser.

Comfortable Clothing

Don’t weigh yourself down with that train and veil. Switch it up for something lighter like a small, white dress or a jumpsuit. You’ll be able to laugh, dance and eat with your guests freely, allowing for a lighter mood.

Surprise Entertainment

You could also provide your guests with surprise entertainment to keep them on their toes. Be it aerialists, salsa dancers, fire dancers- anything! Make sure you’re hiring professionals so absolutely nothing will go wrong. You could even set off some fireworks or carry out a surprise performance by yourself if you happen to sing, dance etc.

Good Music

Don’t play your favourites alone. While this is your special day, we want your guests to be feeling that happy energy as well so get them going with a few oldies as well as present hits. This will guarantee that the dance floor isn’t left awkwardly empty while the DJ does his thing.

Follow these tips and you’ll undoubtedly have yourself a great reception.

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