Ways To Organize Your Messy Workstation

Do you see a stack of papers piled disorderly in your table? Did you notice the many post-its scattered around your cubicle? How about the pens tossed everywhere around your work area? If you answered yes to all these questions, then no doubt, your workplace is a chaotic area. It’s amazing how you can still work given the messy workstation that you have. However, do you know that a messy workstation hinders productivity? In fact, with all that mess, you will certainly have a hard time looking for some of your files. You will end up spending a lot of time looking for something than working on it. Given such, the only solution is to organize your station. Although this may seem to be an overwhelming task, a series of small steps can lead to great changes.

Arm’s Reach

Although your workspace may be large, it is important to keep everything that you need within arm’s reach. This will not only improve productivity but will also make things more organized. However, keep in mind that you do not have put everything, as in literally everything, within arm’s reach. Limit these to those things that you use on a daily basis. The idea is that you do not have to extract these from your cabinet every time you use it. Also, it saves you from putting it back in your cabinet after use. Placing these important daily things on your table or computer will make working easier for you.


A typical workstation is filled with piles of paperwork. Although there have been programs aimed to minimize the use of papers in the workplace, organizations just can’t help it. With this comes the need to constantly organize the tons of paper that you have. One effective way of doing so is to simply tidy up the pile. Eliminate all those you do not need. Use them as scratch or recyclable materials. If these files are confidential, then shred them. Only retain those that are valuable moving forward. Categorize the papers. Make use of a filing system that will make it easier for you to effortlessly find the files that you need. You can use multi-colored folders to differentiate the files. After which, store them in a filing cabinet or staff lockers. Keep them in order inside your storage area to preserve the quality of the files.

Virtual Work

Your workstation encompasses not only the physical items but also those in the electronic items. Applying the same concept with the physical items, you should also eliminate the clutter among your electronic files. Looking for the files that you need among the cluttered folders will only hamper your productivity. Standardizing your filing system and applying such to both physical and digital files will aid you in working. By doing so, you will no longer have a hard time looking for your digital files. The same concept should be applied for your electronic mails as well. There are instances when incoming messages have been blocked due to the full memory of the inbox. This then gives rise to the need to clean up and delete some messages. Practice frequent cleanups so your unnecessary messages won’t pile up.

A cluttered workstation only clutters your mind. Ensure a tidy workstation to maximize your productivity. The organized workstations are the ones that are pleasing to the eyes.

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