What Skills Do Children with Autism Need to Cultivate?

Children with developmental disabilities have a different line of goals to work towards. Things you, yourself, might have taken for granted as a child soon becomes a significant achievement. Understanding this, it is important to be as supportive as possible with such children. The right support will help them cultivate certain skills that they can use to achieve their goals.Read on for a list of these basic skills needed for your child’s successes.

Organizational Skills

These ensure that your child is equipped to handle daily routines, breaking down tasks into more manageable elements, planning ahead for tasks, creating to-do lists etc. Mastering such skills for children with ASD is a long-term process that requires constant prompting, reminders and guidance.

Social Skills

Children with ASD often have difficulties with social interactions and understanding others. Equipped with social skills, they will be able to manage in a group setting, form friendships, connect with family members and essentially communicate better. It is recommended to focus more on the child’s flexibility and ability to perceive a situation from another person’s point of view rather than focusing on studying social etiquettes alone. If you wish to engage in teaching social skills to autistic children, a therapeutic setting with professional guidance is always the best course of action.


This will teach your child how to care for himself and use coping mechanisms effectively. This can be maneuvered by breaking down hygiene tasks such as brushing your teeth into smaller elements or teaching them common techniques used for relaxation.


It is important to teach your child his rights. You want your child to have a voice that he can eventually use to stand up for himself and voice his own opinions. Teach him what is right, what is morally wrong and who he can always turn to for help if he is not in a position to address the situation himself. Above all else, teach him that no one can make him feel lesser. As a child with special needs, his path will be tough but he can take command of the situation to some extent with the right coping mechanisms given by professional care.

Job Competence

To encourage your child to get some working experience, join as a volunteer in several organizations and let him tag along with you. This will allow him to get used to the routine that comes with daily working at a stable job.

The abilities your child cultivates will take time. It is your job to be a constant supporter during the course of his development and show him that it can be done, no matter how hard!

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