What To Do If You’re Feeling Burnt Out During A Work Trip?

In general, when we feel burnt out due to work, taking a vacation is the ideal solution. However, there are moments in which that is simply not possible¾like when you are at a weekend work event. Rather than feeling frazzled about it, try out a few of our tips below to help you relax and feel less stressed and burnt out.

Grab A Few Hours Of Quality Sleep

Depending on where you are, find yourself the best accommodation your money can afford. You are lucky if your work event is on the west coast of Australia, as there are plenty of great Phillip island accommodation Cowes for you to choose from. But where ever in the world you are, opt for a place in which you feel safe; a place you can truly relax without worrying about your vehicle or your possessions. It is even better if you can distance yourself for a few hours from your work friends. Once you’ve done this, simply sleep and refresh your body and mind. You’ll wake up with your mind less cluttered.

Take An Energizing Shower

If you don’t have the time or the luxury of sleep, consider taking a quick, cold water shower to reboot your energy levels. While hot water showers, or better, a dip in a hot water tub, is best for relaxing the body and mind, a cold water shower wakes you up, makes you feel alert and energized. This is especially a good tip if you need to feel more alive.

Work Out A Little

If you have the time, work out a little. Let your blood pump through your body, making you feel energized from top to bottom. Remember that exercising also helps with your creativity, so this tip is ideal for you if you still have a lot of work pending. If you’re staying at a hotel, consider heading down to your hotel’s gym. If not, you can even work out a little in your room. Don’t underestimate the effect that a few star jumps and high-knees can make you feel!

Take A Walk

If you don’t have time to work out, but would love to feel that rush of blood that exercising gives you, consider taking a brisk walk to a place close by. Remember not to run, as it can not only tire you, it can also mess up your appearance. In contrast, after your brisk walk around the neighborhood, not only will your mind feel less cluttered and tired, you will also have a healthy glow to your skin.

Sit Down For A Meal

More often than not, the days we are the busiest are the days that we hardly eat. This can result in you feeling lethargic and burnt out. Rather than “grabbing” your next meal on the go, or eating it while you work, make time for a proper sit-down meal. Fill your stomach with something nutritious rather than anything that feeds your hunger.

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