What you must do and not do when visiting a newborn

There are a lot of do’s and don’ts for various things. But did you ever stop to think about them for when visiting an infant?


What to do- visit or not?


First thing is making sure that the new parents and their helpers are ok with your visiting. When my brother’s wife gave birth, I didn’t visit my new niece until three weeks. It was her first baby and she was until recovering from the all-new experience of giving birth. It was important to give the mother as well as the father to appreciate what they have as well as get ready to be used to things such as nonstop crying or sudden hick ups; it would have been embarrassing to them if some visitors are present when the baby cries nonstop. It will be seen as the parents not knowing how to take care of their own baby. So it is important to give them some time to catch some breath.

What to do- gifts and wishes


Of course, as well-wishers you must take a gift. It is considered a must as well as the large part of the objective of visiting the baby. Also, not just the baby but also the mother will welcome something if you take the time and effort to take a gift. If you do not have to visit a store, you can search for nursing clothing online and make a purchase for a fair price. Once you visit the place, apart from gifting what you have bought do not make an attempt to explain how it works or what you should or should not do with it, for example if you bought a toy for the baby. You can simply tell them that if they need any help, they can contact you.




What most visitors do is arriving after work or after some other task. For example, if you only have time to go there after a gym workout, make sure you have taken a shower and clean; if you are arriving after work in a train, it is best not to ask to hold the baby. When you ask, parents will find it difficult to say no; but inside their hearts, they don’t want you to as you look dirty and are probably carrying a ton of germs. Please try to understand things from their perspective; what if you had a baby? Will you be patient while a cigarette-smelling woman after working a full day at some dusty office try to hold your brand new baby without even washing their hands?

Try to understand things from the new parents’ viewpoint. A new baby is so precious and parents are always worried they will catch something. Do not be the source of that something.




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