Your Essential Guide to Planning a Backyard Wedding

Outdoor weddings are preferred by a lot of people these days and are common as indoor weddings. Especially for those who like to add a more intimate and a homely vibe to their wedding backyard is the perfect place. But planning a backyard wedding is a little different than an indoor celebration. There are some special requirements that you need to consider before you start the planning process. Take a look at the following to find out what are these special points that you need to look into.

Prepare the Venue

Before you start to plan your backyard wedding, first prepare it for the big day. Do you have a backyard large enough to host a number of guests? Will be having both your reception and the ceremony in your backyard? If you feel like you don’t have enough space but can make a few adjustments, you can try changing a little of your backyard to make some new space. This will also give you the chance to clean it and make it look amazing just in time for the wedding. But if you don’t have enough space you might need to limit your guest list or try finding a separate outdoor venue for the celebrations.


You will need to rent tables, chairs, tents and lighting for an outdoor celebration. Make a guest list before hiring chairs so you can make sure that there are enough for all of your guess. Apart from the guest tables you will also have to get a few larger tables as the cake table or the food table. But also remember that these items take up a lot of space in a party tent so you need to be careful about their sizes. Once you have finalized number of chairs, tents and tables you need. Look for place for furniture hire Sydney and get them for your big day.

Food and Drinks

When hiring a caterer for the wedding, remember to provide them enough space to setup. You will also have to think of bringing a few ice buckets to keep your beverage cool. Since the wedding is outdoor and you don’t have the privilege of turning on the air conditioning whenever it gets hot, you need to keep your guests hydrated. Having some non-alcoholic beverages such as lemonade or iced-tea that can be refreshing in the heat is a good idea. Also remember to keep your cakes out of the sun and heat so it won’t get ruined even before you decide to cut it.


One of the downsides of having a backyard celebration is that you will need plenty of lights to make sure the place is not dark and gloomy when it gets to night. You will need lights in the tents, the dance floor and even lights on pathways to make sure the guests know the direction to the food tents or the bathrooms. However, the plus side of this is you can make this even to try out several fancy lights giving the entire celebration a fairy-tale vibe which you don’t always get to do in indoor venues. Try some fairy lights on trees, candles on tables, lanterns etc. But also make sure to get the help of an electrician so that you avoid any accidents.

Once you get these special needs covered the rest you can plan as you would any other wedding. Make sure to inform your guests that you are having an outdoor wedding so that they can prepare and dress for the occasion.

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